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To serve your family, just like we serve ours.

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A Saudi family serving the families of Saudi Arabia with fresh, safe, healthy foods with a smile.

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  • About Us

    Tamimi Markets is one of the most important and developed market chains within Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. Its branches are distinguished by spaciousness, good organization, and competitive prices. It is in a constant endeavor to extend its branches in all regions of the two kingdoms and to improve the quality of provided services through building new markets, renewing old branches, and developing the working mechanism. It is also in a constant effort to develop visions since its inception in 1979 until today.

    Tamimi Markets is characterized by providing organic and natural, gluten-free, and environmentally friendly products, in addition to several imported and local brands, provided periodically on the shelves of its stores to cater to the tastes of different age groups of its growing customer base.

    In 2013, Tamimi Markets was selected among the top 100 Saudi brands, according to a survey conducted by Ipsos, the global marketing research company. It is a promotional partner in the “Made in Saudi program 2022”, and it has been classified as the most growing and developing market chain in Saudi Arabia in 2022 by the British Global Brand magazine, in addition to being awarded the “Best Work Environment” certificate by the Great Place to Work organization, which highlights the best work environments that are committed to the highest practical quality standards and ethical practices.

  • Our History

    Today Tamimi Markets is fully owned and operated by the Tamimi family group of companies. In 1953, Sheikh Ali Abdullah Al Tamimi established the Tamimi Group to provide pipeline, general construction and support services for Saudi Arabia’s fast-growing oil and manufacturing industries. Over the past 70 years, the Tamimi Group has expanded and diversified into more than 30 successful businesses that are helping the Kingdom’s 2030 Vision become a reality.

    Always the innovator, in 1979 Sheikh Tamimi saw an opportunity to introduce the Kingdom’s first modern supermarket in Khobar, Eastern Province. Forming a joint venture with USA retail giant Safeway Stores, Tamimi Safeway offered international standards and quality food products from around the world. The stores quickly became a success, attracting both Saudi and expatriate customers from across the Eastern Province. The chain soon added new locations across the Eastern and Central provinces of Saudi Arabia. When Safeway refocused its efforts on its US domestic markets in the 1980’s, the family bought the remainder of the JV but continued its friendship and supply arrangements with Safeway. Today you’ll still find a wide variety of Safeway Signature, O Organic, Open Nature and Lucerne Dairies products on our shelves.

    In 2011, Tamimi Markets took another bold step. Focusing on its leadership in Fresh, Tamimi Markets unveiled a new modern design to make shopping even more appealing, experiential and fun. The company’s original store on the Khobar Corniche became the blueprint for future development and the chain rapidly grew from 15 stores in 2012 to over 90 stores today.

    Since our early beginnings, Tamimi Markets has always stood for service, quality and freshness. Our food safety protocols and standard practices were appreciated and recognized by customers and government agencies during the Covid-19 pandemic, where Tamimi Markets led the way with fresh, safe, healthy foods. Our portfolio now includes Costco USA’s Kirkland Signature brand, Sainsbury’s UK brands and our own range of Healthy Living products – unique ‘Good for You’ solutions featuring natural, organic, free-from healthy goods from around the world.

    Tamimi Markets national store network now stretches from NEOM and Tabuk in the far northwest, to Abha in the Southwest, and all up and down the western seaboard including Jeddah, plus Qassim, Majm’ah, Hafr Al Batin, Jubail, Al Hasa and the Kingdom of Bahrain. And we’ve only just begun! Tamimi Markets is well on its way to achieving our goal of 200 stores by 2030. Our modern supply chain features new distribution facilities in Dammam, Riyadh and King Abdullah Economic City (KAEC – north of Jeddah). Our centralized kitchens and production facilities provide consistency and quality across our growing network. Tamimi Markets recently signed a new joint venture with global giant Mitsui to develop and vertically integrate smart farm technologies to bring the freshest produce to our shelves with unprecedented speed.

    We remain passionate about service and bringing the freshest and best quality products to our growing family of loyal shoppers. Our commitment to high standards, cleanliness, food safety and total customer satisfaction is unwavering. And this is our solid foundation for the future.

  • Message from our Managing Director

    It’s an honor to lead this customer focused, quality driven organization and to continue the proud legacy began so many years ago by my grandfather. Tamimi Markets today is so much more than a store! We are a family, focused on delighting our customers, and delivering fresh, safe, healthy foods with a smile. We take our commitments to our customers and to each other seriously, and as our vision statement declares, we are here to serve your family, as we serve ours.

    Quality, honor, family and leadership are timeless. We work hard to bring those words to life. Quality products will always sell, but quality stores, quality people and quality processes takes time, practice, determination and nurturing. But that’s what family does, invest the time, talent and caring to build something special for one’s family generationally. Doing the right things matters, and from that quality results and quality reputations emerge. I am fortunate that the name of Tamimi stands for quality and for that I can thank the many people who work so hard taking care of our customers and making Tamimi Markets what it is today.

    Tamimi Markets today isn’t the biggest supermarket chain in the market, but that’s not our goal. Our goal is to be the best and to take care of our customers’ needs, and their family’s needs for generations to come.

    Abdul Aziz Al-Tamimi

  • Message from our CEO

    Tamimi Markets offers the very best in local, regional and international brands and now with our rapidly growing network it’s even easier to shop in person and online for all your favorite foods and consumables. If it’s new and exciting, you’ll find it at Tamimi Markets.

    As a direct importer and originally an international joint venture, our roots and global sourcing capabilities brings a world of unique and flavorful products to our stores. It also provides great cost of goods advantages which we pass along to our customers. Look for your favorite products from the USA, UK, Europe and Asia at great prices at Tamimi Markets.

    With the best in Fresh foods, variety, international standards and superior service, I invite you to visit Tamimi Markets. Once you walk in, you’re family. Welcome to the family! And the savings and satisfaction starts there.

    Bobby Rajendran

  • Where we are Today

    Tamimi Markets is setting the pace in the retail supermarket business – outperforming our retail trade competitors for 3 years in a row according to independent retail audit tracking services. Our store base has expanded to over 90 locations, with 14 and growing across Western Saudi Arabia and 3 in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

  • Looking Forward

    Tamimi Markets will continue to look for new and better ways to delight our customers, from Fresh foods, to Grab & Go meals, new retail technologies to relevant individual offers via our Themari loyalty app – the innovations, quality, variety and service are our building blocks, and the future is bright!

    Welcome to Tamimi Markets. Once you walk in, you’re family. Welcome to the family!

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